Superior Processing, Inc. offers you a comprehensive solution for all your payment processing requirements as a retail business.

Accepting debit and credit cards at your business is a necessity in the marketplace today. It does not matter whether you are a small store or a huge retail chain, offering your customers a range of payment options ensures that you remain their first retail choice. With one merchant account at Superior Processing Inc., you get the benefit of accepting all types of payments including debit, checks and credit cards.

We partner with you in all your needs.

We strive to understand your specific business needs and offer you comprehensive payment solutions. From pin pads to state-of-the-art POS terminals, printers and check readers – we readily take up the responsibility of setting up your retail business with all that your customer hopes for!

Our best rate guarantee.

Where customer satisfaction and continued assessment of your needs is our motto; bringing it all to you at remarkable industry rates is our promise. Superior Processing Inc., is committed to offering you these services for less than what you are paying your current service provider. If you are also looking for a reliable service provider who would be dedicated to the success of your business, talk to one of our representatives today at 1800-609-4213.

Tel/Mail Order

Got a mail/ phone order business? Superior Processing Solutions, Inc., has just the solution for you with our “card not present” transaction options. Today’s consumer prefers to use a debit or credit card for most of his transactions including over the phone or mail orders. You give your business that edge over competition when you give your customers the option to pay with their plastic. Our best rate guarantee ensures you get this option at the lowest credit card processing rates. Since card not present situations result in higher risk factors, most processing companies will charge you a higher rate. Businesses continue to choose Superior Processing Solutions, Inc. due to the economical and efficient service offered to all our merchants including telephone/mail order establishments. Increase your profits and add to your cash flow with Superior Processing Solutions, Inc.’s phone order processing and mail order processing payment solutions today. Our dedicated staff is ready with structured plans that are modified to exactly suit your needs!

Wireless Program

Isn’t it a shame to lose out on business when you are traveling just because you had no way to accept a customer’s payment? You need not only be a delivery service or a limousine company in order to need a wireless payment solution. Think of taking your products to a trade fair or getting an opportunity to up sell to an existing customer! Superior Processing Inc. gives you the amazing benefits of being able to accept payments wirelessly from your customers. Move out of your store! All you require is a laptop, access to the internet, a card reader and you are all set! We set up your business so you can move out of the store and reach out to your client in his home or office adding incredibly to your business profits. Our rock bottom rates give you the perfect opportunity to break away from the traditional brick and mortar confinement and meet your customers just about anywhere! We are ready to partner with you in taking your business to the next level. A helpful rep is waiting right now to answer your queries at 1800 609 4213.


Being able to authorize transactions securely and efficiently is a necessity for your business. Superior processing Inc. specializes in bringing to you the best in POS systems that are built into your business computer system and not merely standalone units. There is a variety of software, systems and terminals that you can choose from to suit the specific needs of your business. With our wide range of POS systems we’re confident that we’ll match you with the one that’s ideal for your business. For retail businesses, look for POS systems that can help you keep track of purchase orders and inventory. There are several options like barcodes, cash drawers and order display screens that prove helpful in most businesses. With the best POS systems from PC America, Aloha and others together with processing through Superior Processing Inc., you will ensure your business can authorize the maximum number of debit and credit card transactions. Enhance your business with state of the art POS systems with us today. And if you feel too spoilt for choice with our extensive range, ask our rep to help you make the best choice.


As a business owner, you cannot do without a good cash management system in place. Superior Processing Inc. helps you keep up with your growing business with a range of electronic cash registers (ECR). This is where you not only save your money but also keep accurate records and process your customer’s transactions efficiently. From the basic models to the more sophisticated ECR models including poles and scanners, you can be assured that we will supply you with just the ECR that will ensure your staff can offer the best customer service. Most large retail stores and dining establishments are benefiting immensely from cash registers that allow them to keep track of inventory and cash as they authorize bills securely and efficiently. Call us today at 1800 609 4213 and we will get you the ECR that compliments your requirements perfectly.

Phone Swipe

With the phone swipe payment solution, you can literally take your business with you everywhere you go! With a card reader and a simple app; your smart phone is as good as a POS terminal in your store. Superior Processing Inc. empowers you to take your business right to the customer’s doorstep with the phone swipe option. Imagine the number of new potential customers you can instantly reach when you offer them the convenience of making secure payments anywhere and not just at your store! We ensure you a separate merchant account that features premium fraud protection to ensure each transaction is safe. As a merchant, you get the convenience of viewing your transactions real time as well as add tip and tax functionality. The app allows you to see the actual item from your inventory and also send your customer receipts or refunds through e-mail. If you are looking to take your business out of the storefront, there is nothing better than phone swipe payment solutions. And no processing company friendlier, safer or at a lower rate than Superior Processing Solutions, Inc.


Mobile payments on the go

Take your business to your customers with Superior Processing Solutions, Inc.’s mobile payment option. With a credit card reader and a phone app, you can easily make your business mobile. No more worries about your customer not carrying enough cash! Move on from that physical storefront and expand your business with the mobile payment option from us.

Secure mobile payments with e-mail receipts!

Not only do you now have the convenience of mobile payments, there is also the added fraud protection that your customers appreciate. Simply swipe the card and be assured that all personal information is protected. You can even add all your card readers to one merchant account making it easy to keep track of your business. With unparalleled convenience to you as a business and the ease of transaction to the customer, the mobile payment option is the most approproiate way for you to begin expanding your storefront to wherever you like! Now that you have decided mobile payment acceptance is in fact the best way to expand your business, call one of our representatives at 1800 609 4213 to get all the details.